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What Does Your Lobby Say About You?


No matter what your business, the lobby may be the most important area of your building. You could host the best technology in the building, but a potential customer, investor, partner or potential employee may not even have their mind open to the information that you are about to give them. Why would that be? Two words. THE LOBBY.

The lobby hosts anyone that is not already employed by your company. This is the first impression that someone has into how you do business, what is your attention to detail, and what is your expectation for work done within the building. So, what does your lobby say about you?

Janitorial programs should have cleanings completed in the lobby area at least daily, and potentially numerous times during the day based on the foot traffic in and out of the lobby area. Just as you would want the person that answers your phone when visitors call to be warm and welcoming, you need the same out of your lobby. Many times outdated furnishings can be overlooked, as long as they are well-kept and clean.

Let Perfection Commercial Services complete a complimentary building assessment at your facility and make sure that your lobby is greeting your guests, customers, investors, partners and potential employees in a warm and welcoming manner.

Perfection Commercial Services is a janitorial service company that provides services to businesses in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Perfection Commercial Services prides itself on building a partnership with the customer to ensure that the facility meets and exceeds customer expectations. For your free building assessment by a member of the Perfection Commercial Services team, please fill out this form.

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